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Google Analytics Academy

Today I finished some very interesting training through the Google Analytics Academy on the fundamentals of digital analytics.

Google Analytics

It’s a free, self-paced course that has 6 courses with a number of sub-topics in each course.  You can hook up with the course here.  Each topic has a video along with a text handout.  The course starts with a basic discussion of analytics and definitions so everyone is on the same footing.  At the end of each topic there are a few questions to test you on the material you just learned.  In the first few units, the questions at the end hadn’t always been covered in either the video or the written information, but that kept it interesting.

At the end, you take a final assessment exam with a number of multiple choice questions.  Don’t worry, the exam is open book –and open computer for that matter –and you can change answers, if needed until you get 80% right and earn a certificate.

The course gives you great insight into the power and potential of Google Analytics and I thought it was well worth the time.

If you’re interested, though, you better hurry up.  The course will only be available until October 30th.