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The Big Exit

There were a number of great stories at GeekWire Startup Day (#GWStartupday), but none like that of Dave Cotter, CEO of SquareHub.

Dave Cotter,  CEO of SquareHub

Dave Cotter,
CEO of SquareHub

His talk was titled “The Big Exit.”  Given the venue and the audience it might be about selling your startup or perhaps closing the door because there just wasn’t enough traction. Or perhaps it was a tale of making it through an IPO.

Actually the title didn’t refer to any of those.  It meant the exit all of us have.  Death.

It wasn’t a Halloween tale full of ghosts and goblins — although it sounded like some of Dave’s former colleagues might live in that world.  It was about a man in the prime of a life filled with work in the fast-paced tech industry suffering a stroke.

In the hospital he was surrounded by thoughts.  I’m sure he had people with him some of the time — he’s too engaging a character to be completely alone.  But the wife, who was now an ex-wife, and the three daughters he admitted to not knowing all that well, really made him think.

He started a change.  He made a list of the 10 people who meant the most to him in this life.  And he vowed to pay them back, not in wild, extravagant, meaningless ways.  But to pay them back with the simple things of contact, recognition, surprises and understanding.

When we each make our own list, and I’m sure you’re thinking about it now, you need to make sure you add your own name.   You need to be part of whats most meaningful in your life to enjoy and share the full benefit.

Check out SquareHub, his new gig.  It’s an application made for friends and families to connect.