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Shopping Comparison Apps

Joseph Pisani wrote an interesting article comparing Shopping Apps.  He goes through the features and benefits of 5 apps:  RetailMeNot; Amazon; RedLaser; Cartwheel by Target; and Flipp.

Check your app store to see what’s available for your phone.

As I noted in an earlier post, Best Buy seems to be reluctantly embracing the “showrooming” phenomenon whereby consumers go to their local stores to try out the devices they later buy online.  Best Buy seems to be recognizing that convenient locations will only help so far – they still need to compete on price.

These apps will make comparing prices much easier.  You can check advertised prices, you can check internet pricing and you can even get coupons you didn’t know were available.

Attention retailers.  Location is important.  Pricing is important.  But you better make sure you’re efficient at running your business so you can stay in business.


Best Buy Embracing Showrooming?

I saw an interesting television commercial from Best Buy over the weekend billing themselves as “Your Ultimate Holiday Showroom.”

Have they seen their fate?  Are they recognizing that consumers have been using them as Amazon’s technology demo floor for awhile now?  Are they acknowledging that a neighborhood store doesn’t guarantee loyalty?  Consumers may come into their store to “kick the tires” on the latest gadget only to go home and purchase the product online.

Low Price Guarantee

One things for sure, adding a low price guarantee to the commercial and their web site reinforces that they understand price is always part of the equation.  Will they now take this to the next level and give consumers the in-store tools to show them they’re getting a good price?  Or, will the price guarantee be painful to enforce both for the store personnel and the consumers?

I don’t believe they need to be the absolute lowest price.  There is, after all some value in the instant gratification of taking the product home with you right away.  But that premium isn’t going to be as high as they’ve envisioned it in the past.

This is a nice step for Best Buy.  It will be interesting to see how it continues.

What can Best Buy do in their stores to help you make the purchase?