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Silent Echo

Silent EchoI was reminded about Kindle First today when I received notice for the December book.  So, first things first, here’s the review for the November book I selected, Silent Echo by J. R. Rain.

Typically, I read books in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre with some occasional Drama and Adventure books for a change up.

Silent Echo, a mystery, looked like the best book available in the November Kindle First list.  The book follows a private investigator that needs to track what turns out to be a serial killer.  His task is complicated by the fact that he has aids-related cancer and is in the final stages of his life.

It was a quick read and an interesting story.  But the “dying thing” was reinforced over and over and – well you get the point.  Thankfully, the protagonist was able to get the bad guy and clear up a lot of story lines.

Looking at J. R. Rain’s website, he has a full publishing schedule in the coming months.

Kindle First

Kindle FirstAmazon has added a new feature to their Amazon Prime program — Kindle First.

This will give Prime members access to books a month before they are publicly available.  Early is good, but the best part is you get to choose one book for free.  The free book doesn’t count against your Kindle Lending Library book-a-month allotment.  It’s just a new book that you get to keep.

The benefits to the customer are obvious.  It’s a free book.  I didn’t need to do anything different.  Just select a book.  I can read it on any Kindle or Kindle reading app.

For Amazon, there are also some great benefits:

  • The selection of books isn’t vast (there are 4 on the docket for November).
  • They are all books published by Amazon so they’re promoting their own work.
  • it further reinforces the value of the Amazon Prime program, and Prime members are very loyal Amazon customers.

Time will tell whether I can always find a compelling book among those available.  And I don’t know whether there will always be 4 books and whether they will always be Amazon-published.  But, I think this is a nice start.  What do you think?