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Affordable Care Act – Yeah Obamacare

Gallup has been doing a lot of polling on the Affordable Care Act.  No surprise; alongside the budget, it is one of the more talked about happenings in Washington.

An interesting question in the poll is how individuals assess the future impact of the legislation.  Taking statistical significance into account, there is very little change in the responses since the poll in June of this year.

But there’s still a few interesting observations:

1)    People think it will have only a modest positive impact on their own situation (22% – 25%), but feel the positive impact on the US will be greater (34% – 36%).

2)    The percentage of people who think the legislation will make things worse for them has declined 8 points since June (42% to 34%).

Trend: Americans' Assessments of Future Impact of the Affordable Care Act

Have people taken a closer look at their own situation and feel less anxiety over the legislation?  At the same time, does the greater uncertainty of the country at large account for their being on polar opposite ends of the approval spectrum?

You can see greater reporting on the poll here.

Another interesting observation is the overall view of the Affordable Care Act.  Since December, 2012, the band has been fairly tight, with never more than an 8% difference between those disapproving of the legislation and those approving of the legislation.  The gap has narrowed recently with those disapproving only slightly in the lead.

Trend: Americans' Views of the Affordable Care Act

Neither poll question seems to raise a lot of concern over the uneven implementation of the online registration systems.  Perhaps people inherently knew the online signup systems would be a little buggy.

What do you think?