August Smart Lock

I saw an article the other day about August Smart Lock securing financing through a venture capital firm. August lock

The lock is a fascinating story.  Installing August, you will replace the inside of your current deadbolt with the August.  So, your key will always work – you just won’t need it.

You grant, or rescind, access to your home through an app on your smart phone. No more giving keys out, no more needing to be home to let in a contractor, you just grant them access on your home.  With the “smart” part of the smart phone, you know when they arrive and you know when they leave.

You can find out more about August through their website or their Facebook page. Here’s a video that tells more of the story.

The funding they received from Maveron allows them to finish work on their lock with release planned for Spring, 2014.  This is their first entre to the home automation industry but in a Jestson’s or Star Trek frame of mind you can only imagine where it could go.  Will they tie everything to the smart phone?  Will they move to a true digital signature like a fingerprint?  Or DNA?

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