Kickstarter — Aqualibrium

Aqualibrium is a project seeking crowd-source funding on Kickstarter.

This project definitely has a lot of the right features that typically has me reaching for the credit card:.

  • Grow fresh organic produce anywhere
  • Teaching the next generation where our food comes from
  • Entertainment watching fish and plants grow.
So why haven’t I jumped?

Am I nervous that my not quite green thumb will show through?   I’ll admit, I’ve killed bonsai plants that survived for years before they met me?

Does the thought of buying fish and reminding myself to feed them give me pause?

Or does the promise of an easy-to-assemble kit with grow lights and doors sound a little too good?

Frankly, it’s probably a combination of these.  Fortunately, my hesitation is not universal.  As of October 8th, Aqualibrium has 374 backers and has raised over $92,000 toward their goal of $108,000.  With their funding, they plan to buy the dies needed for their unique indoor gardens.

It’s an interesting plan and would be fascinating to watch fish and plants in an indoor ecosystem.

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