So Long Peanut Man

How do some people touch our lives more than others?

Rick “Peanut Man” Kaminski touched so many in his years with the Mariners.  You can see Rick in action here.

I didn’t know him, but I saw him at countless Mariner games and people loved him.  From the regulars he checked in with game after game to the kids who watched in wide-eyed amazement as he casually tossed a bag of peanuts over a section of fans to land right at the intended target.

You could always tell the visitors to Safeco Field when Rick tossed a bag of peanuts 40 feet and you’d hear someone behind you saying “did you see that.”

And he taught kids to catch.  Every game you’d see him instructing the little 7 or 8 year old to “hold your hands just like this.”  When the peanuts bounced off their hands he’d calmly reclaim the bag, give a little more coaching and make one more throw.

When hands and bag met, and stayed together, you could see the magic sparkle and realize Rick just found another fan.

So long Rick.  You will be sorely missed.

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